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"Hi, this is Cheryl. Record your stupid voice here and maybe, someday, if I get around to it, I'll be all bored and going through my phone and your message will just like, pop up for me to listen to, and then I'll get back to you. But it'll be awhile. We'll all probably be dead before I get around to it."


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Cheryl and Pam's house [from midafternoon onwards]
There was a very valuable lesson to be learned from all this, and it was one you would have thought Cheryl would have gotten sooner: never ingest anything Krieger gives youCollapse )

[Cut for drug use! And also length. but mostly the drugs. Cheryl's on a crazy bender for the next couple days because I'm going out of town for the weekend and I needed to explain why she's not in class and this...kind of happened. Oops. Also, don't practice this at home. Cheryl is a cartoon character on a show where Pam's been eating a steady diet of cocaine for over a month, so she's going to be okay. Establishly omg but OOC welcome as always!]

Office Hours [Tuesday]
Cheryl was in her office today. Was she being productive? That depended on whether prodding her computer with a manicured finger for a few minutes, giving up when pressing "S T A R T" in a row didn't turn it on, and then ultimately giving up and reading a magazine counted as "productive."

Cheryl thought it did, but that was Cheryl, so....

[open though slow whilst work is a thing!]

Cheryl and Pam's house [Monday evening]
So this was messy.

Cheryl had taken the TV out to get repaired, yay, but that didn't clean up the mounds of ice in her living room. Or the puddles that Babou was playing in now. (Which were...hopefully all just melted ice. Gross.)

"You'd think I'd have more of a headache after all that," she mused, surveying the wreckage. She still had no idea where Pam was, either. Oops.

[open, omg, for housemates and anyone else who might wander by.]

Cheryl and Pam's house [Saturday evening]
So. This could have probably gone better.

Not only was the stupid house she was having built on this stupid island still under stupid construction, but now it was covered in a solid layer of ice. All of it. Like, the furniture, too. And the yard. And poor Babou kept shaking snow out of his whiskers. And all because Cheryl had just decided to mix ice princess powers and huffing spray paint.

It had seemed like a good idea at the time.

"Whatever," Cheryl decided. This morning, she'd woken up and discovered pretty much off the bat that she could freeze literally everything she touched. Which made for a really interesting shower. (This was also how she discovered that she was immune to the cold-fingers, if you catch her drift.) And it wasn't half as much fun as fire, no, but there was still a lot of shit she could destroy this way. She'd made some pretty deadly-looking icicles on the eaves, too.

Now she was standing out in the yard, in a sort dress thing she'd made. It hadn't come out as awesome as she'd wanted -- it was mostly sort of patches of ice and snow that were covering up her naughty bits, but she thought it looked sexy. It was like, a theme. And it was from here that she was forming obscene snow-people out of thin air, cackling maniacally all the while. Maybe later she could deep-freeze Pam in her sleep, and then bury her, and then in a hundred thousand years or whatever they'd find her and open her up and study her! That would almost be as much fun as setting something on fire, right? If she used her imagination?

[totally open. Cheryl has Elsa's powers and I don't think Disney would endorse her use of them. oh, and drug references and language and general NSFWness abound, as per usual.]

Office #13 [Thursday afternoon]
Cheryl had her very own office! Where she could eat her very own sub-room-temperature Cobb salads if she wanted! And where she could hide a bunch of booze, like Ms. Archer! And where she could hide...battery-operated friends, also like Ms. Archer! Ew. Gross. Bad train of thought.

Anyway, Cheryl had never really had an office before, so she was in hers today trying to decide how she wanted to set it up. Granted, she hadn't brought much with her -- emergency stores of rubber cement and some groovy bears she was gonna hide in her desk drawer, for the moment, and some pencils with stuff on them, because that seemed like a teacher kind of thing to have? Maybe? She had no idea.

Cheryl hummed as she moved around her office, meticulously arranging her pencils and pondering what she could keep on a bookshelf in here. Not books, obviously. Maybe like, shrunken heads. That would be awesome.

[open, though slowish while I'm at work!]

OOC: Infopost: Danger Zone version
i should rename him "buyer's remorse"
I clearly did not have enough to do with my New Year's Day.

(Warning: GIF-heavy, and not very SFW due mostly to language.)

The canonCollapse )

Cheryl. Or Carol. Or Cristal. Or Carina.Collapse )

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